Milledgeville Christian Counseling Center

 “We’re here as a resource for the church and the community. We want people to have this kind of special and unique counseling.”


At Milledgeville Christian Counseling Center our counselors can help you with: marriage and family issues, problems with intimate relationships, personal struggles with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, shame, a sense of failure, lack of fulfillment, coping with grief or loss, divorce, children and teenagers, addiction, spiritual meaning and direction and more. 

Confidentiality - The Counselors at Milledgeville Christian Counseling Center operate under the Federal Guidelines for Protected Health Information as well as the ethical guidelines provided by their professional organizations.

Hours- To take advantage of the counseling center’s services, appointments can be made at flexible hours. A standard fee is charged per hour. Adjustments may be made on the basis of personal financial resources for those who qualify for a reduction in fees.

Call and arrange for an assessment appointment, which would include talking with a counselor, and the person, family members or couple will work out a treatment plan based on your need. Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available.

The Milledgeville Christian Counseling Center provides counseling for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Pre-marital counseling, spiritual guidance, short-term crisis intervention, as well as play therapy for children, and adolescent counseling.

Our staff includes licensed clinical therapists and licensed marriage and family therapists.

Our counselors can help you with:

  • Marriage and family issues
  • Problems with intimate relationships
  • Personal struggles with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, sense of failure, shame, or lack of fulfillment
  • Coping with grief or loss
  • Emotional problems associated with physical illness or accident
  • Spiritual meaning and direction
  • The dilemmas of growing up, parenting or aging
  • Issues related to separation, divorce, remarriage, and life in blended families
  • Transitions to college and exploring life transitions after graduation

Life presents us with many transitions. A marriage falters. The loss of a loved one. Work becomes unfulfilling. Children leave home. College transition is creating anxiety. An illness lingers. Our faith weakens. It is hard to get out of bed.

Change has a way of bringing stress, anxiety, and depression. We may feel out of control and unable to cope. Left unattended, stress can lead to emotional or behavioral problems, physical illness or loss of faith. The staff at Milledgeville Christian Counseling are here to assist you.